Sunday, May 31, 2009

Backstage @ the B.O.B Concert "Fly with me"

Air Jordan Retro III(True Blue)

There has been much hype surrounding the re-release of the Air Jordan 3 Retro - True Blues. These sneakers were at first a rumor, but an August release has been confirmed. New, better detailed images have now been released for these classics. No major differences are noticed between the August release and the previous retro. For those of you who don’t want to wait in line for these instant sellouts, VMV Inc. has these on sale right now as a pre-release for a price of $250. Via VMV Inc.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

City of Savages Showcase @ Club Eros

The highly anticipapted debut of the *City of Savages* Spring/Summer line.. Passion & Fashion met head on.. as exclusives from the City of Savages "Savage Desire" Line were availible for sale for the first time EVER...for Female fans of the line....Also the event featured Special Guest Performance by L.S of DreamSake Entertainent....big shout out to Ventige Soul for making it all possible

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Live Free or Die"

Ok so when I say "Live free or Die" it isn't to be taken as a threat....its meant as a realization that if you aren't doing (or taking steps in preparation to do) what u love/makes u happy in your reality you're DEAD...the "walking dead" to be exact just like the majority of people in this country who just go about their everyday life being miserable and not fulfilling their destiny because their scared of what'll happen if they fail... You are wasting what little time you have here on this planet when you fear something as inevitable as when you get the chance you need to sit down and figure out what it is that makes you happy,and if you're not doing it what you can do to correct this.Sure everyone responsibilities and as I love to say "obligations don't always equal inspiration" but at the end of the day u want to be able to look back on your life and know you gave it your all no matter what the matter how secure the path you may be headed down seems now,and the end of the day if it isn't what makes you happy at the end of the day you'll only end up regreting it more as time goes along...Finally I'm happy to say I found my calling,what it is I was put here to do,my destiny or whatever you want to call it..successful or unsuccessful,rich or poor this is what I love doing and probably what I will be doing until the's the time for you to do the same. "Live Free or Die"-*CityofSavages*

The Savages

Who do I Trust??(lol)

Ayo I'm starting to realize that when it comes to this shit I'm a control Freak...but hey fuck it...who can do me better than me(lol)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Savage Life

L.S performing in *CitySavages* Bird of Prey Hoodie

Genesis in *CityofSavages* Savage Definition T-Shirt

Genesis in *CityofSavages* "Savage Evoltution" T-Shirt

This is more than just clothes's a lifestyle...either you Live Free or you Die,you decide...*CityofSavages*