Friday, July 10, 2009

Freshman Fridays- Darren Isaiah

His love for writing and music has kept his drive stronger every year as he continues to work on becoming a successful artist. Darren Isaiah wrote his first verse at the age of 6 and didn’t want music as a career until he turned 12 when he wrote his first song. From cassette’s to CDs Darren and his personal friends would make unofficial albums and give them out to friends, family, etc. Doing unofficial albums was one of the biggest reasons Darren had a better eye for music including his own. He isolated himself towards music throughout his whole years as a teenager which gave him a better eye for song quality, engineering and better studio equipment.

Darren sent a demo to an A&R at Universal Records at the age of 16. Two weeks later he received a phone call from an Intern and they wanted to work on Darren Isaiah’s future. In just a few meetings with the A&R, Intern and music lawyer already by the year after the situation died down and Darren had to continue his career on his own. As he continued the same routine from making unofficial albums, heading to South Carolina to live, 6months later Darren moved back to NY and pushed his career to a further level

October 26th 2006 Darren was a contestant on Freestyle Friday on 106 and Park and lost to another Artist. Even though failure is always a dagger in someone’s heart that still hasn’t stopped him from still trying to fulfill his goal. He began to promote his music harder on a big networking site called where he received a small online buzz. And the summer of 2008 he worked his music harder and began to do more shows and gigs around New York City. Darren Isaiah remains to grow as an upcoming talent that resides in NYC as his fan base continues to grow from his music that he works hard on every week

Check out his mixtape "The Best of Darren Isaiah"

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