Thursday, September 17, 2009

"For the Ladies"...Air Jordan 1 PHAT Womens

There have been so many Jordan releases lately that it’s almost overwhelming, but now JB is showing some love for the ladies with these Air Jordan 1 PHAT WMNS.

Obviously, the first thing that jumps at you is the bright pink patent leather on the swoosh, toe and back section. Nike and Jordan are referring to the color as “China Rose,” though, just in case any fellas want to size up for these and justify the hue. The pink sections aren’t the only color jumping off on these though, as the liner features a spotted black and lime green print for contrast. No doubt about it, these are meant to draw some attention.

While the AJ1 has become JB’s release-aplenty as of late, it’s nice to see a women’s color-up for the sneakerheadettes out there.

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