Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trend X Setter

"The best out of all of his peers..."

If you haven't noticed my dude Brandon Jennings has been taking the league by storm this year.Averaging a solid 17.3 ppg and 6.2 assists Mr.Jennings has made his mark in his first couple months as a pro,not to mention his standout performance of 55 points against The Golden State Warriors in which he broke Lew Alcindor's rookie scoring record...all of these accomplishments are waaayyyyy above average for a NBA rook but thats not why I'm mentioning homey.My dude represents the epitome of the phrase "Live Free or Die".I'll show you what I mean to keep the story short following his 2008 senior year of high school instead of attending a university and proving his NBA worth by playing against other adolescents Jennings decided to go play pro ball in Italy for Lottomatica Roma.Making a move like this was unheard of for a young NBA hopeful like Jennings but clearly it has paid off.If any off you know me ya'll already know how deeply I sympathize with those who share this type of mindstate and already know how I have so much respect for this kat for just cutting the bullshit and following his heart and chasing his dream.There are so many guys enrolled in college right now who have NO ambitions of recieving a college degree..they want to play professional basketball so why no just cut to the chase and do what Jennings did.I mean padding your stats against dudes your age is cool but if your really trying to make yourself stand out sharpening your skills against grown ass professional players around the world just makes more sense.I have a funny feeling that more high school seniors with NBA aspirations will follow my and Mr.Jennings advice and take this route,but in the meantime MAJOR #shoutout to this man for being the TRENDSETTER

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