Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Thank him now..."

I copped Drakes album today(yeah from a store),the same way you should've if you got it I mean I'm not trying come at anyone sideways money is tight nowadays,but if you got it buy the real thing,on the real if your a fan(a real fan)this mans music probably has been the soundtrack to your past two summers the least you can do is send a little support the kids way.This man has put on projects that we could reflect,fuck to,ride out and sometimes and sit back and spark one up to. Like we spend all day complaining about the lack of original artist out there but now that we've been presented with a couple(Drake,Cudi,Wale etc) we still don't return the passion and respect they give to us on every track,as a artist(non musical but an artist nonetheless)I find that discouraging,like on the real I hope ya'll fuckers never find a way to download T-shirts or I'm fucked lololol,but on a serious note if you got go out and get the real thing and SUPPORT CREATIVITY

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