Friday, June 17, 2011

C.O.S:Make Love Not War Campaign

You would've had to have been living under a rock to not be aware of how HIV/AIDS has afflicted on the world's population.This month marks 30th anniversary of the virus and we feel like now if just a good of time as any to try to make a difference.We're doing our part by beginning our "Make Love ot War" campaign which is meant to encourage condom use.For every person that twitpic or emails us a picture of them in there "Make Love Not War" button we will donate 1.00 USD to the American Foundation for AIDS Research(120 Wall st 13th fl New York,NY 10005) who has been dedicated to ending the global AIDS epidemic through the use research since 1985.While one dollar may not seem much,any action that can attempt to make a dent into the epidemic is well worth time.The buttons FREE and anyone interested in receiving one should contact us on twitter @cityofsavages/@fcukyoucaesar or simply just contact us at our email address