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2011 Yearbook "Leaders of the New School" X X City of Savages

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"Live Free or Die"

City of Savages Clothing line strives to be more than just a brand; rather, they strive to be a representation of a lifestyle. They’re slogan “Live Free or Die” is more than just a company catch phrase, but a manifesto. Owner Phil “Caesar” Jackson, owner and Morehouse College student, explains: “We classify ourselves under the category of street wear and [the] brand we represent [is] any individual who is aggressively working towards a goal in life.

Our tagline “Live Free or Die” exemplifies this mind state”. And Caesar’s company takes it a step further, extending this sincerity to the care he takes in manufacturing quality pieces for the buyer: “ What makes us different is our AUTHENTICITY, maintaining quality is our main objective as a company. Every City of Savages piece so far has been hand printed. So, in reality… no two pieces are similar. Even though the styles of the shirts may be similar, your piece of clothing is just as unique as you are.” City of Savages apparel, which was established in 2009 and targets a 15-25 year old demographic, consists of “T-shirts, V-necks, Hoodies, Crewnecks etc.”

Staying true to the integrity of quality pieces is what Jackson and his team feel is their key to their success as a company. Though they plan to extend, they’re focus is on consistent quality, Jackson comments “We plan improve our production of those items until we are the best… As it stands we’re really just interested in perfecting our craft and sticking to what we do best. There are other manners that we have in mind to expand and touch a wider audience but we always want to make sure we stand firm and stick to who we are”. So how important has Atlanta been to the company’s success so far? “Living in Atlanta has taught us a lot about the qualities a successful brand possesses, there is a lot of competition here and you see have to make sure all of your bases are covered if you want people to stand behind you…like we’ve learned mechanics and marketing strategies that we may have never picked up on if we were based out of another area.”

Jackson says. One of the most important things Jackson says he has learned is the necessity of customers being able to feel like they’re investing in a movement, more so than purchasing product from a brand. An ideology he applies to his line today: “Over the last two years we’ve learned that the most important part of establishing your brand is to give it an actual life and personality. In our opinion for success your supporters have to feel like they are apart of something BIG as well as well thought out and that’s what we strive to provide with City of Savages. We’ve learned more about ourselves as a brand and that knowledge is key convey who we are and what we represent [to] those people who support us, [they] believe that too.”

Jackson recommends maintaining this passion and commitment to your product where customer interaction is concerned for others looking to foray into the fashion industry: “I would tell them to first and foremost make sure they truly love this shit, because if they don’t people will be able to tell and all the networking and cosigning in the world won’t be able to hide that from the rest of the world.” City of Savages recently celebrated their second birthday at the James K. Holder II Design Studios in the Castleberry District of metro Atlanta. The event proved another success and testament of fan support for the young company. What does the next five years hold for City of Savages and their leader Phil “Caesar” Jackson?: “We truly take everything one literal day at a time, but forward progress is our main objective so we can see ourselves making moves internationally showing people all over the world what were about. By then we would like to have a flagship store or two established as well as some established ways to give back to the community…”

Jackson continues “We feel like it’s crazy selfish to take people’s money for years without helping to improve the world around you and we intend on making a difference wherever we can.” As Jackson knows all to well, the power of networking is one of the foremost ways he can push even closer towards his goal. He adds “ Networking has been very important; our goal as any brand’s goal should be is to expose ourselves to as many people as possible so people can know who we are. While we are very careful who we work and associate with we are always looking for other talented individuals who have the SAME drive as us.”

If you feel like you possess that drive and or you can contribute to the movement that City of Savages advocates, contact owner Phil “Caesar” Jackson directly on his Twitter @ fcukyoucaesar, or his company’s Twitter @cityofsavages, or via email at Be sure to also check out the company’s blogs at, or

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