Saturday, May 14, 2011

Featured Artist of the week:@DarthXIII

Darryl “13″ Bennett was born in March on Friday 13, 1981, in Washington DC. He began taking an interest in drawing by watching his older brother draw on sneakers. Over the years, Darryl coined himself “13.” The concept of “13″ is taking a number that is infamous for bad luck and using it as a symbol of good luck and positivity; “13″ also happens to be the date of Darryl’s birth.

Darryl continued to nurture his art over the years and In 2007 had his first public showing. Darryl entered his work at a group show entitled “No Scratchers: Art Work of Tattoo Culture.” Darryl also held an apprenticeship at Pinz & Needlez, a tattoo shop in Washington, DC. At his time at the shop, Darryl learned art business, style techniques, and other skills that would help develop him into the artist he is.

Darryl is currently a contributor to Stamp Magazine Online and has been the artist feature in art culture blogs. In 2007, Darryl Bennett created TokyoThirteen Arts. ToykoThirteen Arts is a creative concept that produces t-shirts, photography, paintings and short films. In 2011, Darryl released his first line of t-shirts for TokyoThirteen Propaganda, a division of TokyoThirteen Arts. The basic principle behind Darryl’s art is that there is no good or bad, right or wrong; limits are to be pushed and there’s always a need for new, weird, and better.

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