Friday, June 5, 2009

Freshman Fridays-L.S PaperStacks

"I’m not losing or leaving, I’m something you can believe in. How can you judge him if you never knew him as Leland". The hip-hop innovator known as L.S, was born Leland Smith originally rooted in Brooklyn, NY but L.S was raised Las Vegas, Nevada. L.S attributes his versatile flow which combines respectively the grimy and flashy environments of the two cities. Born with the heart of fighter, L.S’s humble but confident swagger embodies his experiences on the harsh road to success. His mother taught him the values of humility, and the weakness of arrogance. To this day L.S remains level headed despite being a talented artist L.S' punch lines are more than music. His father, who once fought for the Worlds Light Heavyweight Championship Belt, instilled in him the determination that he still carries with him to this day. At a young age his father trained him in his craft, in turn L.S applies that same work ethic in the studio that he uses in the gym. L.S! , nicknamed “The Voice” by his father because of his ability to write about anything that he could imagine. As a child L.S dreamed of seeing the world through his music, and the ultimate dream of being the very first rapper to drop a diamond album. After hearing the word “format”, L.S wrote his very first rhyme. “It’s like that with my fat format.” From that day on, L.S knew he would be a star. He entered and won the KCEP 88.1 Talent Show as an 8 year old, following with an opening performance for the Bad Boy Artists 112 at the age of 12 and also recording his first EP. Even with the large amount of exposure at a young age, it was not until high school that L.S began to truly hone his performance skills. Being accepted into the prestigious performing arts high school, Las Vegas Academy, L.S met the members of his former group, Talented Individuals: Lance “Tizzy” Newton, Korey “K- Style” Sheffey, Aaron “AT” Turner, and Nick “Reason” Robinson. Everyday in the cafeteria, Talented Individuals prepared to battle fellow musicians from the ! school. Anchored by L.S' electrifying performance the group was asked to perform around their hometown including the very popular Las Vegas Black Expo.L.S now resides in Atlanta where he continues to push his towards his dream of the world hearing his music.L.S and DreamSake Entertainment will usher in the Hip Hop Renaissance: an era full of artists who aren’t afraid to be themselves. L.S says “I think different, cause I ain’t the same” L.S is the Renaissance Movement. “That means I’m through, which means we won, and you know which crew, so when they ask which team Say… DreamSake

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