Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Drake Interview "Kill the Labels"

To be totally honest with ya'll I have found a whole new respect for this man after watching this interview.As an entrepreneur I can really appreciate his independence as an artist.If he drops his album as an independent and has any kind of success he will change the way hip-hop is viewed for forever at least from a business point of view that is.Nowadays there are to many "rappers" out here who try to use labels or squads as a crutch for credibility,a substitute for substance or for source for finances and as a result they end up becoming puppets.In my opinion Labels are the reason for the deterioration of hip-hop as an art.Artist out here get credibility for who that rap with or signed to and we're forced to listen to them because of their affiliations.Anytime you watch the TV or listen to the radio and wonder "why the fuck is this shit on here" realize that somewhere a group of old white men sat in a room and decided you would like that shit because he's signed to the same label as Rick Ross or Nelly or somebody else that isn't that hot anyways.Rappers aint eating how they used to because no nobody is gonna put up with this bullshit and spend 18.99 for one song.For independent artists(i.e niggas that aint get signed yet) by turning yourself into a brand you claim total control of your destiny as an artist.Nowadays everybody just thinks that if they think up a rap name and a cliche ass name for they squad that their entrepreneurs and I'm hear to say that is not the case. The days of sitting around waiting to get signed are over.Like seriously how can you be an entrepenr sitting around waiting for a HANDOUT.With all the social utilities out here you can create a buzz for your own self at least if your shit is hot enough anyways Record companies ain't tossing out bread how they used to it ain't 1996 anymore,they wanna see what you can do for yourself before they even consider giving you a damn thing....but enough of me ranting check out the interview for yourself.

Kill the Labels=Save Hip-Hop


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